Mismatch of Colors

We love the colours of our garments and make every effortto present to you their beauty in Technicolor splendour. However, clothes, when photographed and depicted on a computer monitor, often takes up different shades. For example, a dress that is maroon in colour could appear as if it is red or orange, much like the effect of a picture taken on a digital camera or a mobile phone. As so it is not uncommon for a sea green garment to look like it is aqua blue. We rely on advanced imaging technology and website hosting systems to represent the true essence of our products. Should there be a discrepancy, we request you to contact us prior to placing your order via the Contact Us section. We will provideguidanceand clarificationto the best of our abilities.

Guarantee-Free Beads/ Sequences Work/ Embroidery – Hand Work and Stitching

We treat all of our clothing items with the utmost care. It is our genuine belief that our customers are aware that items stitched with stones, embroidered beads, and fastened items are prone to falling off during draping or regular wear and tear. During transport across international borders, rough handling in transit and customs might cause the fastenings to detach from the original garment. Should you find that uponreceiving your package or draping, a few beads or sequins come off, please understand that this is unavoidable. Our products are crafted to ensure a quality finish, but we cannot offer a guarantee for beads, sequences work or embroidery that might come unfastened due to unforeseen circumstances during shipping that is beyond our control.